2064 Boston Road: El Rio II

Owner| Comunilife, Inc
462 7th Floor| 3rd Floor| New York, NY 10018
212.219.1618 | www.comunilife.org

Architect| OCV Architects
203 Lafayette Street 5th Fl | New York, NY | 10012
212.675.6470 | www.ocvarch.com


The J. Pilla group is currently in the closing phases on this 46,500 sf building with 78 units including 47 units of supportive housing and 31 units of low-income housing. This beautiful 6 story building includes living studios, a lounge, laundry room, computer labs and office space for the staff at Comunilife.


The original building that was built in 1902 was demolished but not before saving some of histories elegant pieces such as the original terracotta façade, gargoyles, Finals, Wood Doors and Original steel and wood Railings. These pieces of the old building are on display both inside and out with a full description of the buildings history.